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Recent Activities


SWID was formed in December, 1977 by some professionals, social workers and parents of the intellectually disabled children, when most of people of this country had little knowledge about educability or sociability of persons with intellectual disability, and there were no services for the persons with intellectual disability. Such persons were then mentioned as idiots and most often classed/mixed up by many with the lunatics. SWID started schooling program for the intellectually disabled children. Then in 1982 a Norwegian organization named NFPU came forward with necessary financial support for not only the existing activities of SWID, but also advised us through a consultant/technical representative for new programs and for the expansion of activities with new Branches at different parts of the country. This cooperation lasted for 18 years (from 1982-1999). NFU has also purchased a land with its building for SWID at 4 Eskaton Garden, Dhaka.Read More………..

Present Donors and Income

Main donor of the above projects is Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh, and small funds are received from Bangladesh Jatiya Samaj Kallayan Parishad, National Foundation for the Development of the Disabled, local donations, and income from reserved money.

SWID Bangladesh and its development story

Before the establishment of this Society, the elite parents who were naturally very concerned for the future of their intellectually disabled children, were looking for a way out. Some such parents in Dhaka city, Mrs. Johura Rahman, Mr. D P Barua, Mrs. Salma Huque took lead in this effort. Fortunately Dr. Sultana S. Zaman, a dynamic person and then Associate Professor of Psychology, Dhaka University who had specialized on mental retardation (the name by which intellectual disability was referred at that time) during her research work abroad, was also looking for an opportunity to try her scheme for the education of the educable intellectually disabled. With her help, the parents finalized a plan for the education of the intellectually disabled children in normal schools in separate classes to have thereby some opportunity for their socialization in place of segregation together with their possible education.    Read More….

Latest Disability Situation in Bangladesh

 Government took initiative to establish a close coordination with Government and non Government organizations for   persons with disability. NFOWD played a vital role for the coordination strengthening and catalysing to make policy.

1. National coordination: Government and non Government Level: Initiative of NFOWD

 2. National Disability Policy:  Bangladesh Govt. has approved a National Policy in 1995.

 3. Legislation for people with disabilities:  Legislation with the title of “Protibandhi Kallayan Ayn-2001 (Disability Welfare Act-2001)” has been enacted in 2001. Now the law is going to be amended in the light of UNCRPD. Read More……

Capacity of The Organization

The organization SWID Bangladesh has following assets to implement the projects:
·   A group of professionals under the banner of National Institute for the Intellectually  Disabled (NIID) who are capable of organizing and running projects.
·  Good number of social activists who can participate in implementing the project activities where necessary
·   Has a network throughout the country in 61 district with its branches
·  It has available physical facility to run some of project activities e.g. Orientation program for the activist members, National Conference and other office works.
· It has working relation with the government and other NGOs and also with voluntary and philanthropic organization.
·   It has experience in organizing the development programs for persons with disabilities.
·   Above all it has sound financial and administrative management to utilize money with due care and run projects.
·    Specialized Library with 5000 books and journals.
·    It has two building with Auditorium and Training room and other facilities.