About Us

The organization

Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled, Bangladesh(SWID Bangladesh) is a non-political, non-profitable and non-government organization working throughout the country. It was established inDecember 24, 1977. It is duly registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare No. Dha 0691 dated 21.10.1978; and the NGO Affairs Bureau, No. 125, dated: 20.10.1982.

Objectives of the organization

Objectives of the organization are development of social awareness regarding intellectual disability and do advocacy for establishing equal rights of the intellectually disabled; creation of provision for special education, inclusive education, vocational training, rehabilitation, counseling and other therapeutic services for the development of the intellectually disabled persons; conduct research and publication for the benefit of the intellectually disabled persons; and also development of manpower for working with the intellectually disabled. 

Management of the organization

General Members of the Branches constitute the base of the organizational management. There are altogether 4,174 General Members throughout the country under the Branches, majority of the General Members are the parents of the persons with intellectual disability and others are professionals and social workers. Branch Members elect the Branch Executive Committee which runs Branch schools and other activities. Representatives from the Branches constitute National Council which elects the National Executive Committee for every two years. National Executive Committee is responsible for running the overall activities of the organization and accountable to the National Council.


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